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Level 4 AAT AQ2016 Exam Expiry

Hi guys..

I started studying AQ2016 syllabus of AAT Level 4 in September 2016, due to the release of the new syllabus there were plenty of teething problems with the exams and like many others this made the course more difficult.

I passed the following exams on the following dates:
Financial statements 07/12/17
Budgeting 19/01/17
External auditing 31/08/17

I am left with MCDL, Synoptic & Cash management exams, which I sat numerous times and struggled to pass.. I've seen that these exams have been revised & simplified & after a short break I'm ready to try and pass these last three subjects in order to qualify.

Does anybody know how long I have before the first three passed exams expire?

Thanks in Advance


  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 560
    @Becxo the curriculum will be revised again for AQ2019. So you have at least three years :-)
  • BecxoBecxo MAAT Posts: 32
    Thank you AAT Team, So i'll need to get the last three passed this year, as next year the new syllabus will be released
  • AAT_TeamAAT_Team Administrator Posts: 560
    Your units wouldn't necessarily expire, that would depend on how/if the curriculum changes. You will also get an additional 12 months to finish from the date a new curriculum is introduced (as with AQ2013 - AQ2016).

    It's worth noting too that it isn't always every three years, that's just how its been the last few times. The curriculum and its relevancy is always in review.
  • BecxoBecxo MAAT Posts: 32
    I think I will aim to complete them by the end of the year as a personal goal!

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