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Hey Guys
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What is the pass mark for the first book keeping transaction exams?

Will I even learn the debits and credits and all the books as struggling with ledgers and moving the day books to the ledgers and also trial balance. I have my first exam on Tuesday and I keep getting things all muddled up. I am keeping doing the mock exams but I don't feel like it is clicking. Best tips for revision?

I always thought accounts were adding up columns, equations, looking for problems with data, making sure everything tallied up and accounts - I don't like book keeping and double entry - Should I just give up now?

I am doing level 2 book keeping and then level 3 accounts is anyone selling the books for the 3 units I missed?



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    I am gutted to say the least - I have just come back from sitting my Bookkeeping Transactions examination to find that I failed by a poxy 3%. Ergo I am 'not yet competent'!. Why can't those nice people in AAT land give me some feedback instead of preparing to snatch at my hand for another £40. I know Accounting is a very good money making career but I think, while you are learning, it would be nice to know where you went wrong.
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    Pass percentage is 70% as it would be for any AAT exam. I didn't liked bookkeeping aswell, however the more you progress with your studies the less you are required to do bookkeeping. All of the fun starts at Level 4, level 2&3 are basics i.e. bookkeeping, trial balances etc.. I would say don't give up, keep studying and you will pass! Also don't book exams too early as this will put more pressure. Keep practising-practise makes it perfect! Let me know if I can help with anything!
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