Is it worth resitting the GCSE maths exam?

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Hi Folks

My daughter is in year 12 (6th form) at school. She sat her GCSEs last year and achieved a grade B in maths.

She would like to go into dentistry, and that requires getting a fair few grade As at GCSE level.

Would it be worth my daughter resitting the maths GCSE exam again in order to hopefully get grade A? If so, would you suggest waiting until September to join the GCSE maths group at her school or is it more advisable to learn it on line from now, instead of having to wait a few months for September?

Finally, if in the unlikely event that she gets a worse result such as grade C or below, which grade would prospective universities consider - the grade B because it is a better result or the grade C because it would be the more recent result?

Thank You.


  • MarieNoelle
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    Hi @geek84

    I can't advise on whether to do it on line or in class however you should be aware that the new maths GCSE is different now to the one she sat, and I believe it's supposed to be harder. (My eldest sat the old GSCE and my middle one has just finished hers this year).
    The grading system has changed too and is now 1 -9 (9 being the top score and the pass mark 4-5).
  • geek84
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    Thanks MarieNoelle

    Yes, I'm aware that the new GCSE is different.
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    i would advise to do it online as students often feel more comfortable doing this but that's just my opinion
  • BradJones_FTA
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    I left school without any GCSEs and re-done them at home myself, apart from a few science subjects which I may do at a later date.

    However, from my experience, it is something where you really need to know how well you work alone. If your daughter is one to easily get distracted and thrown off task, then I'd say school would be better. She'll be in the right environment where she can avoid all the things she would otherwise get caught up in at home. If she is disciplined and serious enough, then studying from home can work, but only if you do.

    Don't mean to sound like a drill sergeant, but I know how easy it is to get carried away at home and then kick yourself when you realize how behind you are.

    Hope this helps!
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