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Good afternoon!

Is anybody able to confirm the end date for AQ2016?

I have a feeling it may be August 31st, in which case I have a lot of exams to cram in between now and then.

If this is the case, which exam results will I be able to transfer over to the new syllabus?

Any info much appreciated.

Kind thanks,



  • davealucas
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    I don't think there are any plans as yet to replace AQ2016.
  • Cheesypeesy
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    To put it into perspective, AQ2013 didn't end until 31st December 2017. I suspect there will be a good couple years remaining to complete AAT under AQ2016, and AAT will inform people on AQ2016 when the end date is in good time.
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  • cghv1985
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    Thanks for the responses, seems as though there will be more time to complete than I had expected, which is of course good to know!
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