Ten minutes: try out the AAT website’s new student area

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We’re planning some changes to our website to make things easier to find. To make sure the changes best suit your needs, we’re looking for students to take part in some short online testing.

It shouldn’t take any longer than ten minutes, and there’s an opportunity at the end to give us your thoughts on the current AAT website if you have anything to share. Take the test here.

Thanks for your help!


  • aat2200
    aat2200 Registered Posts: 23
    New & more resources would make a good start! Or making your practise assessments more like the actual exams
  • LFreeman
    LFreeman Registered Posts: 4
    edited July 2018
    Detailed answers (including workings) to the sample assessments and more of them! Two papers just isn't enough for each exam when there is a whole array of questions that can be asked on exam day.

    It would be useful to be able to pause the sample assessments aswell.

    The written questions don't allow you to type normally i.e. you can't use the arrow keys to navigate around what you have written, also when you type in the middle of the text body, it will delete anything that is after it. Can't really see why this is taken out, considering the time constraints of the exam and it wouldn't be used like this in the workplace.. I see it pretty pointless and AAT prides themselves in getting students ready to work!
    LAKHVINDER Registered Posts: 1
    Anyone planning to study AAT level 3 Part time?
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