Revision tips???

Can anyone who has sat the exam - or is revising for the exam let me know how they revised for it? Any tips?

Tasks 2, 3 & 4 seem to be my weak point so any help on those would be good

Is anyone else finding this exam way harder than any of the others?


  • crystal95howard
    crystal95howard Registered Posts: 9
    I only just passed on my first time but a pass is a pass! I referenced as much of the pre release material as possible, I've read a few comments about this helping your grade, make sure you know your ratios so you're confident you've got them right, D&C is the main module in both Q2&4 so revise everything in the D&C book because anything could come up but focus on the key words - "identify, explain" etc. I didn't do well at all on Q3 lol so I can't really help with that but I would say it's probably because I wrote a lot of waffle when I should've just stuck to the point so maybe keep your answers short and sweet? This is probably everything you've heard before but good luck! You'll get there :-)
  • Debbie021
    Debbie021 Registered Posts: 26
    I was using Osborne Books but after asking for tips bought the Kaplan Study Text, Revision Kit and Pocket Notes and thought they were invaluable.
    Don't think I would have got through without.
    Kaplan Revision Book uses GPL as its subject too.
    Sat exam yesterday and finished with an hour to spare (although that doesn't mean I have passed lol).
    Not sure if because of all the complaints (I wrote to AAT too) that they have made it slightly easier but I just matched my answers to the amount of marks and then some to be sure.
    Hope this helps
    Debbie x
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