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Hi all,

I've been asked by a client of mine if I could provide them with a tender for being an in-house accountant for 3 days a week. Tasks would be bookkeeping, CIS Returns/EPS, VAT returns, quarterly management accounts, budgeting and forecasting as well as managing payments and debtors chasing, and finally, year end accounts, ct600 and SATR for the directors. So in a nutshell covering all aspects of the business financially.

Initially, my thoughts are to look at charging a day rate rather than hourly. But I'm looking for a bit of guidance. I was thinking of somewhere between 150-200 per day plus an additional fee for SATR.

Does anyone else do a similar thing for their clients?

Many thanks,


  • Neillaw
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    Day rates would be dependent on a fixed number of hours expected to be worked 7.5hrs/8 hrs or 10 hours.
    Are your days going to be fixed or can they be moved around to take into account your other clients as this may cause a problem if half days are required.
    I have a client that I do specific days @ 7.5hrs which I charge at a day rate but any additional hours over the normal working day (7.5hrs) is charged hourly. Everyone else is hourly/fixed, if I had a choice for flexibility I would have charged them hourly but they wanted a day rate.
    SATR - These to be charged separately to make your book-keeping easier.
  • nicklimb24
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    Thanks Neil,

    Days are flexible but more than likely to be Mon, Weds, Fri @ 7.5hrs each day. My main concern is under/over charging the client. I feel £20-25 is appropriate given length of time I'll be there for, although in a previous firm I worked for they would bill the staff members charge out rate (£40) for the hours actually worked, subsequently no under recoveries.

    I guess it'll be a case of pitch a price to my client and if they go for it they go for it, if not then there is room for some movement.
  • Neillaw
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    I would first work out the total cost for someone on Payroll and work back to a charge out rate/find out how much they would have to pay for an agency worker.
    I was sent a small worksheet by an agency I use to do some contract work for which I could send you which will work out what they would charge but it's the same as the payroll but with an agency charge of 30-40%.
    Then I would work out the actual hours that you would be working with holidays etc as Monday is a bank holiday and see what kind of salary that would be providing you with as this is going to be the biggest portion of your turnover (time wise)
    The other thing is what is your client going to pay,
    £20-£25 per hour isn't that bad up north but I wouldn't pitch that for a job in London.
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