AAT Level 4 Tips + Advice?? Help

LFreeman Registered Posts: 4

Just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on revision techniques and how to actually pass these exams?

I've run through the practice assessments & the green light tests and find the written questions, I find hard to revise for? Is there any good sources for the course? Any webinars/podcasts etc would also be good as I find it tedious reading through the text books and feel this seems to be the only way of getting through the course. I'm struggling to pass my exams and i'm seeing that with a lot of other members. It doesn't help that the AAT doesn't provide a full answer for the sample assessments online.



  • dsg1978
    dsg1978 Registered Posts: 19
    I passed all my exams first time but I had a similar theme of doing very well in all the practical questions and not so well in the written questions. My tip would be to nail all the practical questions so you score very high marks on those questions. Study them until they become simple so when you take the exam you can get close to a pass without the written questions. With the written questions I spent a fair amount of time concentrating on the model answer and looked at what the model answer where trying to point out. I didn't score many high marks but I always gained some marks and enough to overall pass with a merit. Don't rush to take exams if you are not ready as taking a few extra weeks to be extra prepared is better than 6 weeks of waiting then a fail and re take. Good luck
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