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I am bookkeeper to a manufacturing company who sell goods globally. Our EC Sales are usually straight forward and our accounting software produces the report which I reconcile each month. This month I noted a difference in the report from the Sales day book, there were a couple of customers based in the EU who requested we deliver goods direct to their customers on their behalf. One customer is based in France and we dispatched goods to their customer in Switzerland, the other is for a company based in Hungary who we delivered to their customer in France.
Do we report based on the invoice address for our customer or the delivery address? Our accounting software is pulling through the delivery address for the EC Sales List report and as we do not have VAT number for the delivery address do we need to request this from our customer, delivery to Switzerland is outside of EU so would this be excluded from the report?
Have looked for advice on HMRC but cannot see description regarding this.
Any advice would be appreciated.
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