Self Study + LV 3 Queries

gemma89 Registered Posts: 43
Hi Guys, So I have finished level 2 and now moving on to level 3 - I just wondered if it was that much of a jump? I am going to try and self study. I just wondered what resources others had used for their advanced book keeping exam?
I have the Osbourne pocket guide and BPP AAT question Bank books to work through.

How long did everyone leave between exams for Level 3? I am wanting to get my exams booked so I have something to work towards and so I don't loose momentum as it were.

I have just managed to get a part time accounts role doing Wages, Payroll and purchase orders and invoicing so all new to me and I just wondered what sort of roles people are in after Level 3?



  • student17
    student17 Registered Posts: 17
    Hi @gemma89

    How did you get on with level 3 studies in the end?
    I'm thinking of going on the same journey myself, self studying. Any tips?

    Kind regards
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