AAT to ACCA potential salary etc?

I am just finishing up my AAT level 4 and awaiting a few results and then plan to start studying ACCA. I have worked in a small firm for 2 years and I’m currently on a relatively low salary (£15000 - college fees). Does anyone have a good idea of what my potential salary would be after completing AAT? And also whilst studying ACCA in a few months? Taking into account that I think ACCA fees will be deducted from my salary. Which I believe to be approx £3500 a year. (I’ve worked out that the total cost of studying ACCA at uni will be £14000 over 4 years).

Please feel free to share anything relevant.


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    One of the reasons why I still don't work in the trade, yet, not sure if I will ever start to. Somehow it doesn't appeal to me to loose near 6000 income for the sake of calling myself Accounts Assistant.
    For the amount of time, efforts and money people dedicate to reach Level 4 AAT is absolutely unfair
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    All depends on your experience and what kind of exeperience you have.
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    Have a look at jobs boards/recruiter websites for relevant vacancies in your area, this will give you an idea of the going rate. I’m in Gloucestershire and have seen a vacancy for an accounts assistant with no experience required offering £15,500, although that isn’t in practice.

    I have to say that £15,000 seems very low and if I were in you position would be looking around for something else (but that’s me). Also, are you saying they deduct you college fees from you £15,000 salary? If they do, this could be taking you below minimum wage. I assume you are full time?
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