Practice Assessment 1 Task 1.3

Can anyone please help?


  • Norvydas
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    What exactly don't you understand about this question? Is it certain calculations or the whole tasks?
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    I've solved it now, thank you!
  • KeeleyJ
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    I still need help. Got as far as 3000 units, but not sure how to work out the costs. TIA
  • Norvydas
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    Absorption Costing - All costs are absorbed - inclusive of Fixed Costs

    Marginal Costing - Fixed costs are accounted separetely

    I'll give you an example for O. Inventory;

    Opening Inventory for Absorption Costing;

    3,000 units - Now we need to find out how much Fixed Costs + Other variable costs are per unit (we already know Direct Materials + Direct Labour) we simply take £230,000 and divide by number of units made (production units). We do exactly the same with fixed costs.

    Our total Variable Costs are; £15.00 + £10.00 + £23.00 + £45.00 = £93.00 p/u

    Opening inventory is 3,000 x £93.00 = £279,000

    Please bare in mind that when you working out production costs for Month 3 the variable other overheads increased from £230,000 to £250,000 so cost per unit will actually be £95.00 for Month 3.

    Closing inventory @ month 3 will be £190,000 (£95.00 x 2,000 units).

    I believe you know how to work our cost of sales now, fixed costs will be 0.

    Opening Inventory for Marginal Costing;

    You do everything exactly the same however you do not include fixed costs in your per unit calculation - as fixed costs are apportioned separately.

    So Opening Inventory for Month 3 would be; £144,000 ( £15.00 + £10.00 + £23.00 = £48.00 x 3,000).

    The only difference in this is that Fixed costs are included in absorption calculation - as all costs are absorbed to find out cost per unit.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
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