Staying Motivated? Level Completion?

So I've sat three assessments to date and have failed them all by less than 5%. The first was Credit Management, then I re-sat it, failed. Then the third was External Auditing (got 68%). As you can imagine I'm feeling extremely despondent. Does anyone have any tips for these units or just the level in general? I'm teaching everything myself and work full-time but I'm realising this is going to take more commitment than I'm willing to give so I'm not sure if I should give up or carry on. How long did everyone else take to complete the Professional / Level 4?



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    Hi AngelDust,
    Have you considered appealing your results?, the 68% is very close to a pass, I am not sure of the process but have read various posts on AAT Facebook groups about people being this close.

    Have you been studying AAT long?, perhaps take a break and then return to your studies or if you want to continue right away set yourself a study plan and various goals and rewards for sitting the exam. Definitely consider these before giving up, you've put alot of work in already!

    Good luck :)
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    I wouldn't recommend appealing the result for external auditing as a lot of the marks in that paper are computer marked and could lead to false hope.

    Is your current role in finance?

    What do you want to do after the qualification? Chartered qualification (ACA,ACCA,CIMA, etc) or career change?

    I took me 13/14 months to complete Level 4, just needing to retake the synoptic, however I was studying one day per week at college.
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