AAT - Is it for me?

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Hi all,

I am thinking about giving AAT another go. I signed up for level 3 three years ago however quit half way through (decision I do regret). I quit as I just wasnt enjoying it at the time, my tutors were both 60+ useless I just wasnt getting it and I had a lot going on in my personal life. I passed the first two exams but failed the third and just thought it wasnt for me so packed it in when really I should have just completed level 3 , not to mention the £1,500 I paid and never got back.

I now have to start from scratch again. I do feel more ready and motivated this time round and now that I am 27 I want to get a qualification behind me.

I enjoy Maths and really good with numbers but I know it is more then that. I think I am ready to enrol again but yesterday was looking at my old books I still have and it got me doubting again if the accounting life is for me.

For those who have done a level or two, how did you find it and would you recommend me giving it another go?

I am just tired of having jobs now which mean nothing to me and have no future and the big plus of studying this would give me a career path which is what I want. I just doubt myself due to quitting last time if it is for me



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    I enjoy maths and numbers like yourself and did the level 2 last month in book keeping, however it wasn't at all what I thought it was going to be - It was boring and confusing with the debits and credits etc. If you didn't enjoy it last time are you really going to enjoy it this time?

    Are you in an accounting role and if not what is the end goal for you?

    I want to be in a business advisory position and management hence my business degree and role in a growing company as accounts assistant with potential. What job do you do now?
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    I think "gemma89" is right in asking in relation to your motivation. It's good to want to achieve something, but if you don't enjoy or get anything out of the work involved, will you progress? In short, will you succeed of you're studying a course you aren't really into?

    If you have already done some exams, are you sure you'll need to start from scratch?
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    Did Level 2 & 3 hated both of them... Level 4 however it is another level - this is where I understood whether I want to go further with my studies after L4 or not. L4 is a lot more interested than L3 purely because I really enjoyed doing management accounts and budgeting.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • Jds90
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    Thanks for the replies.

    I doubt I will go for it again. It sounds good having a qualification but honestly do not think it is for me and I do not want to waste anymore time and money on something which i truly do not enjoy.

    I am into Maths and numbers but I am also outgoing person and when really thinking about it I just cant see myself going down the accounting route.

    I will just keep looking elswhere , I need to get out of my current job as it is dead end with no progression, I am just missing the motivation at the minute and want to work in a job with meaning

    Thanks all
  • Elasozorus19_tiKoyn
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    I would much rather do something more interesting, like science or engineering (which I have already 'failed' in) myself. Despite my failures I have also had quite a lot of successes academically (or at least according to my standards) but these haven't brought me much remuneration (not directly anyway). It is a matter of getting back into work for me because I haven't got a job at all. I know that having AAT won't automatically get me a job and, added to that, I am already qualified in bookkeeping with a different organization, but I see little hope of actually becoming a bookkeeper because I am too disorganized at present for self-employment and I have a mental block over writing personal statements in job applications. I just want a basic office job doing accounts and need something recognizable like AAT to put on my CV or application forms etc. Being an older person and having no relevant experience is against me as far as employers are concerned and I am not particularly a 'Team Player' or an outgoing person. I have my doubts about whether AAT is going to do me any good but I do enjoy doing the courses (even the very basic ones), even though there are more interesting things I could do with my time. I have to do something to make myself feel that I am doing something.
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