Kaplan Revision Kit

I have recently bought the Kaplan revision kit for 18/19 - because the 17/18 had sold out, however they have a commentary on the live pre-release material but for Bonanza ltd and not Green Print ltd.

I am taking my exam in the August sitting, so i was wondering if anyone with the Kaplan 17/18 book could possibly send me a picture of the commentary pages please?

Thank you in advance


  • MOAATMOAAT Posts: 10Registered

    This is the commentary on Green print ltd
  • MOAATMOAAT Posts: 10Registered
    Good luck
  • kellyprestonkellypreston Posts: 21AAT Student
    Thank you so much that! I really appreciate it. I’ve also discovered the AAT website has changed the sample assessments to the 18/19 papers which isn’t very helpful 🙄
  • ClareJoClareJo Posts: 11Registered
    best of luck
  • VS1VS1 Posts: 71Registered
    Hi Guys,

    I have noticed the old pre-release material is only valid till 20th Aug-18, I have my Kaplan revision booklet for Green print limited which I guess is of no use for the exams taken after 20th August?

    kelly would you be interested in swapping books? or selling your revision book after this is done?
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Posts: 242Registered, AATQB
    AAT are changing the pre-release material in the next few months, I think this is after the August sitting.

    I cant wait to sit under the new pre-release material - previously failed the GreenPrint material with 60% :(
    AATQB, FIAB, PM. Dip.
    *MAAT hopefully to follow soon!
  • DhrupaDhrupa Posts: 2Registered
    Kelly, are you interested in selling your books ? I am sitting for October exams.
  • BenSearBenSear Posts: 6Registered
    These aren't helpful for the new pre release are they??
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