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Level 4 Synoptic tips!!


I am sitting the level 4 synoptic on 03/10/18 for the 3rd time, does anyone have any tips for this exam or know of any materials i can buy that are of help? I did the study for this exam in April 2017 so its fair to say i need some new materials anyway. Desperate to pass this time as i am almost done all my professional level exams at ACA. Generally have found the budgeting/effectiveness of financial planning/ SWOT analysis questions the toughest.

Seriously any help is welcome



  • charlottemcclaircharlottemcclair BirminghamRegistered Posts: 27
    My biggest tip for this exam in general would be make sure to include reference to the the pre release information in each question.

    In regards to budgets it really is a case of learning the different types of budgets and strengths and weaknesses in relation to them so you can apply whichever is applicable in the exam question.

    To help you with the SWOT analysis question I recommend carrying out a SWOT analysis of the pre release information as these are allowable in this question.

    Hopefully this helps, GOOD LUCK!
  • GMS1992GMS1992 Registered Posts: 27
  • Jlaw1900Jlaw1900 Registered Posts: 6
    Hi Please can I ask if you paid for this course and if so did it help you?
    Thank you
  • stevesmithsstevesmiths Registered Posts: 25
    Start with the unit that interests you most

    AAT Level 4 exams are a step up from your previous studies and a lot of knowledge covered at Level 2 and 3 can be tested at the last stage. To be successful with the final assessments you must be dedicated and determine to succeed.

    The best advice is to focus on one unit at a time and start with the unit that interests you the most. If you’re interested in Management Accounting then start with Budgeting, or if you’re interested in Tax, start with Business or Personal Tax.

    You must then study the content of the units in detail to ensure you have the knowledge to pass the assessment, either through classroom or distance learning.

    2. Don’t underestimate the written elements

    The most common reason for being unsuccessful in your Level 4 assessment is underestimating the written elements. As students none of us like writing (or typing in this case) but every unit at Level 4 has at least one written task. These are human marked and vital to passing the exam.

    To ensure a competent result you will need to demonstrate to your marker that you have fully understood the syllabus and can apply your knowledge to the given question. Don’t just focus on the calculations, which as accountants we all like to do.

    3. Practice makes perfect

    To be ready for your final Level 4 assessment you must ensure that you practice as many questions as possible. Along with your training providers study material, AAT provides members with up to four online practice assessments for each of the units.

    I always tell my students it is vital to practice these online tests, not only to challenge their knowledge, but also to enable them to become familiar with the assessment layout.

    4. Get a good night’s sleep

    It is vital that the evening before your assessment you sleep well. This will ensure that you are wide awake and ready the next day. You need to be fully refreshed to ensure you can tackle the assessment to the best of your ability.

    5. Don’t panic

    I know it is easier said than done, and as a student we all have that moment of panic and nervousness. Try to stay calm and focused.

    If you see a question which you are unsure of, flag it up and move on to the next – don’t spend a long time trying to figure it out as it wastes precious time. Attempt all other tasks and revisit the tricky ones at the end.
  • fclarkefclarke Registered Posts: 12
    Hi All, I struggled with this exam too but I have just managed to pass with 85% which is a HUGE relief. If I could give you once piece of advice it would be to use the Kaplan books when studying (they have a great revision kit with lots of questions and online resources, as well as the main study text). I paid for this seperately as I was studying at my local college who were shockingly bad, so in the end I basically had to teach myself in order to pass. Good luck to you all!
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