Anyone been successful on appealing AAT Exam

I was wondering if anyone has been successful on appealing AAT exam. I am looking to appeal the AAT Level 4 MDCL exam. I got 68% in the assessment. The appeal takes up to 20 working days and cost £32. Should I wait up to 20 working days for appeal result or just resit the exam?


  • Norvydas
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    I guess it depends how comfortable you are with re-sitting. The costs to appeal is £32.00, the exam costs around £70-£80, so if you think they will uplift the grade to 70% you can save some money, however if they will reject it then you will spend additional £32.00 for nothing. Uplifting the grade by 2% might seem a bit steep (I know before they have rejected appeals from people who got 69%). I know that this exam has been suspended and re-assessed a while ago as a lot of students struggled with passing it. AAT could argue that they have re-assessed the exam and made it a lot easier (decreasing number of tasks, increasing time).

    I know it hurts as you are so close, but I would just re-sit and not worry about any appeals.
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  • absco14
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    Hi, I've failed this exam twice by 1% - 69% both times!
    I am now waiting my results again which i hope will be a pass.
    I was advised not to bother appealing if you are within 1 or 2 marks of 70% as it has already been assessed by two examiners and the AAT don't change results. If you are close they must get it assessed again to be sure it's correct with it being so close - Not sure how correct this is but the info did come from a kaplan tutor.

    Fingers crossed you will get it next time. No one knows better than me how frustrating it is as i aslo failed another module by 1% aswell as MDCL too.
  • fedemenni
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    I have appealed twice for a small % and no changes in both of the occasions
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