Does anyone know how long it should take to update MyAAT?

I requested to change my Training Provider - my question is: Should your Qualifications Dashboard in MyAAT be changed to reflect this? and how long should it take to see the change in MyAAT?


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    I think I now have the answer to this myself, so in case anyone else is interested: If you log in to MyAAT and (in 'My Account' - this is the heading at the top left or centre of the screen) select the Edit tab at the top right hand side then scroll down to >Study and click the green Edit link at the RHS to expand, then you will see a list of what you are currently studying and it lists the qualifications and training providers in tabular format below. This might be up to date but the information in Qualifications Dashboard might not (as I found with mine) and therefore not tally with the information you see when you click Edit. I am told that it my take up to 24 hours to sync but it was updated within a few minutes of when I phoned to chase it up (however it might already have been in progress for 24 hours). If you log in and from the MyAAT home screen select Qualifications Dashboard (in the list of links at the right hand side or it may appear below if you have zoomed in in your browser) and then select a qualification from the drop down list then you will see what I mean. **** My query has been resolved now, so I am just writing this for the benefit of anyone else who needs to know. **** It does not seem (at least to me) to make any difference whether you are logged in as Student: Name of level or qualification x or as Student: Name of level or qualification y (in other words which 'Current View' or 'Role' you start in) when you click on the link to Qualifications Dashboard because you end up in the same place and it gives you the same information. In summary the View tab (from the top RHS as opposed to the 'Current View' or 'Role' shown to the left-centre) and clicking Edit then scrolling down to >Study and clicking Edit gives you the actual up-to-date information regarding which training providers you are registered for but the Qualifications Dashboard has to be synced to that afterwards.
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