Last minute Tips? Please

Hi All, i have my exam in two weeks. Has anyone got some useful tips?

I've been through the core books and also the practise exams, Also the pre assessment material. Is there anything i should focus more on?


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    Think about why the calculations are important to the question being asked rather than focusing on the mathematical side of it. The assessment is testing you mainly on systems and controls. Also try to back up your answer by using info from the case study. The higher marks can only get accessed if you do.
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    Make sure you brush up on your spreadsheet skills and the accounting techniques linked to those questions. It was my weak point on my feedback.I found the time really tight on the spreadsheet sections and some people who sat it at the same time as me sped through it as we had different tasks in the exam. Got my results today and passed so am relieved, I would not have wanted to go through that exam again. Also is you exam not next week? Good luck.
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