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I have passed Financial Statements and sat my Management Accounting Decision and Control - so hopefully I have passed this one too. Now, it is time to chose my 2 optional units, but I have no idea what to go for.

Which 2 optional units have YOU chosen?
Which 2 optional units would YOU go for?
Are you HAPPY with your choice?

I look forward to receiving all your responses.


  • Norvydas
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    I personally chose Business Tax & Personal Tax. I chose them because I thought they were most important out of all options. In future I want to go Self-Employed Accountant so Business Tax & Personal Tax knowledge will help!

    Units depends by your career choices, if you want to go to auditing, then of course you would choose External Audit as your optional unit.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • Cheesypeesy
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    I did Credit Management and Cash and Treasury Management. Credit Management was by far my easiest unit in Professional Level, so I'd recommend that if you want to get passed quicker.

    Cash and Treasury Management wasn't too bad, about the same as the mandatory units in terms of difficulty. As Norvydas said, your desired career path should help inform your choice.
    Matthew Dearlove MAAT
    Currently on CIMA Management Level. Passed P2, F2 and E2. Preparing for November 19 MCS.
  • CSan89
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    As with the above comments, think of what you want to do as a career and that should steer you in the right direction.

    All I would say is you don't have to only do two. I did personal and business tax as part of my level 4 qualification but I also did the external auditing module as all 3 of these options gave me exemptions for the ACA qualification that I am doing now.

    Personal and business tax are good to do together as some of the parts link together. External audit was the easiest by far as it is a lot of multiple choice with relatively easy written questions compared to the others in the syllabus.
    I also think that external auditing helped a lot for the synoptic as the auditing exam is heavy on systems and controls.
    AAT Level 2&3 - 2016
    AAT Level 4 - 2017
    Personal Tax, Business Tax and External Auditing

    ACA/CTA -
    Certificate Level - Jan 2019
  • davealucas
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    As everyone else has pretty much said, it depends on what accountancy route you wish to follow.

    I work in the public sector, therefore there was no point in me doing personal tax and business tax just as an example. External Auditing and Cash & Treasury Management were relevant though, so I chose those options. External Auditing also gave me an exemption for the complete first year of CIPFA if I choose to go further.
  • janulik85
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    Thank you so much to every that has commented.
    I would like to take a self - employment path in the future, so just like Norvydas has noted, Personal and Business Tax would be probably the most helpful units. I might take on additional units, provided that I have sufficient amount of time.
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