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Cash and treasury Management AQ2016 task 10

Hi all

I was wondering can anyone help me regarding the last written question on the exam. I thought I had nailed it this time. But was below requirement again.
I have searched through all my revision material and don’t have a question like it.
Where you are not only asked to give recommendations in to the surplus amount you have to invest in to 3 options, mainly shares in ftse 100 company, shares in a gold mine, and shares in new start up company, it then asks you to follow company guidelines and put a % of surplus in to each one.

Well how do you decide how much of each one to put money in to?
As I apportioned it on the risk factor.

But this can’t have been correct?
Should I have said don’t invest in any as they all high risk?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

As I home study I don’t have any method of finding out the answers

Many thanks

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