Sage 50 help - In line with AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping course

Hello there :)

I am studying with E-Careers, Coleg Gwent, the AAT Level 2 Bookkeeping Course and with this course is a separate Sage 50 Course.

I have had huge problems with downloading the Sage 50 and it's taken 2 months for any successful help. I have now started this course today to catch up, but I am having problems with the MA Model Answers, in that I cannot find them. Is anyone familiar with this course and can you offer some guidance please? Some of the questions regarding the self test activities aren't quite straight forward, but I have completed Activity one so far. Even the upload of your files isn't clear, but it says to check your answer with the MA (model answers).

As for the Level 2 course with AAT, that's another different situation. I am going through the units, printing the answer sheets, then checking to see how I've done, but there isn't any progress indication as it doesn't require or ask me to upload anything, so I am only going on how I think I've done. There is tutor help, but it's days before anyone seems to reply. Maybe I should have chosen a different provider, but it is too late now. :/

I hope someone can offer help soon.

Thank you :)


  • vsen
    vsen Registered Posts: 10
    Did you have any luck? I've recently paid them for LVL 2 and 3 them and have pretty much the same experience.
  • Quirkydamsel
    Quirkydamsel Registered Posts: 9
    I've given up, I don't like to be unfair to anyone or any organisation, but I have wasted my money investing in E-Careers. I haven't been able to study since October, I just can't fathom the platform, modules etc. Plus, I never heard from the Tutor for two weeks and when the Tutor replied, he merged his answers in with my questions and I didn't understand what was going on as it looked like he'd sent my message back to me......very strange. I am still paying for my course.......and for what? Nothing.

    Sorry you have experienced similar problems.
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