Study aid for consolidation accounts

This is related to the practice paper 1 (task 6) on the study support section for limited company accounts.

I was struggling to work out what information came from where and how they were calculated for consolidation accounts so I worked hard and have formulated this spreadsheet and colour coded some of the cells to give greater visibility on the issue.

I hope this helps at least 1 other person as much as it’s just helped me today 👍🏻

Excel spreadsheet download attached


  • Simon_Phillips
    Simon_Phillips Registered Posts: 8
    cool. cheers
  • MishaB
    MishaB Registered Posts: 1
    Hi, thank you for the spreadsheet. Really good help, as I'm well struggling. Just a quick question please. How did you work out the 80 for non-controlling interest in cell L20?

    Thank you very much.
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