Self study for Credit Management

SeptemberSeptember Registered Posts: 31
My training provider runs Credit Management over two days plus a day for revision. Would this indicate that this is a module that can be studied independently if I buy the Kaplan books and exam kit?


  • matchboxmatchbox Registered Posts: 15
    All modules can be studied independently. If you're asking whether it's feasible for you then I wouldn't necessarily take it for granted that a short course means an easier pass.
    I believe with the newly released pass rates that this exam has the second lowest pass rate of any of the optional papers.
    I've studied it independently, getting my results in the new year. Plenty of other people will have passed it doing self study. If you think you can manage it, give it a go :)
  • ThomasThomas Registered Posts: 12
    @matchbox thanks for your motivation. this new year I also decided to self-study but little bit confused I will do it or not. But now I am confident and I can manage.
  • BecxoBecxo Registered Posts: 16
    Hi, Have you sat this exam yet? I'm self studying for it too.
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