How many questions in this exam?

Hi all,

I am a little worried about running out of time in the exam. I am a slow reader and most of the time I need to re-read a question before I understand what it means.

From your own experience, how much time left over did you have?

Thanks :)


  • Norvydas
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    Level 2&3 exams I had always around 1hour spare. Level 4 - most of the exams were finished with 30min left on the clock.

    You get plenty of time in level 2&3 as they consists mostly of calculations. Level 4 is where you need to write reports- this is where most people struggle and spend most of their time at.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • Undlou
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    Hi Norvydas,

    You're quite right, I was left with an hour at the end to go over my answers.

    That's interesting about level 4. How did you find level 4 exams? I have seen so many posts of people getting slightly under 70% over and over.
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