Just had my exam - question testing on stuff not learned?

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Hi guys

I know I can't mention specifics about a live assessment, so I'll keep this vague. It was to do with a tiny element of IHT.
Had my L4 personal tax exam this morning. First question (written question worth ten marks) was on a subject that in my study material (First Intuition) has only 3 lines of info. I phoned First Intuition and they said AAT release the guidelines on what info they have to include in their material, but that they'd included everything they needed to. He said, as a tutor, even he'd have struggled to get anywhere close to ten marks on this particular question.

I was also under the impression task 1 usually involves ethics, or similar. This is why the HMRC guidance is included as reference material for that task. The mocks all involve irregularities, tax avoidance, HMRC enquiries etc. The question I had didn't relate to anything relevant to the guidance available.

I'm just a bit gutted.. AAT don't release model answers for live assessments (understandably) and you don't get any feedback other than borderline, met, exceeded etc.

Is there any way I can check what sort of info I should have included? I'm genuinely stumped, as was the guy on the phone from First Intuition.

I just feel I was asked a question, for ten marks, on something that we don't have ten marks worth of information that's testable in any material.

Any help would be appreciated.
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