Synoptic Assessment - Budgeting

Hi Everyone,

I have my synoptic exam this Thursday and my downfall seems to be the second question, budgeting.

Does anyone have any tips on revision for this section?

I have looked into the different types of budgets and advantages/disadvantages of both however sometimes i am losing marks because i simply am unsure what the question requires me to answer. Only by looking at the answers do i know the direction the question is heading and then have ideas to write.

Any tips for any questions will be appreciated :)


  • AAT2018
    AAT2018 Registered Posts: 3
    I passed!! 😀
  • jjk2018
    jjk2018 Registered, MAAT Posts: 9
    I failed 3 times and don't understand what I had done wrong... do you have any tips on the techquies when answering the questions? on my latest exam I had 5 sections with borderline
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