Level 2 accounting info?

OliviaCuth Registered Posts: 1
I have recently graduated and have been looking into the level 2 certificate in accounting but I’m finding it hard to find all the information I’m looking for.
My main question is which training provider to go for. I’m only working part time at the moment so the lowers the cost the better. I’ve noticed some providers offer the level 2 and level 3 in one course which I think would be ideal for me. Is it worth doing this or better doing each course separately? I am also planning on doing the online classes as it suits my lifestyle better.
I’ve also noticed some people saying not to go for a provider for level 2 because it’s relatively easy. I have a degree in Business Studies and took 2 accounting modules during my course, so I have some basic knowledge of accounting and still have access to the material taught on those modules, so would I be better off going self taught for the level 2?

Also if anyone has any other information that they think would benefit me feel free to let me know! I’ve only just began looking into these courses so I’m trying to get as much information before making my decision! Thanks


  • Vader
    Vader Registered Posts: 15
    I would suggest doing them seperately, finishing Lv 2 first will help with the concepts in Lv 3. Yes Lv 2 is fairly straightforward, and self studying should be fine, although I studied it at a local college. I also went onto AAT after my degree and worked part time.
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