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Depreciation Question in Kaplan book

icbatbhicbatbh Registered Posts: 9
Hi all,

I've just completed the attached question in the Kaplan Advanced Bookkeeping book, and I have a different answer to the back of the book.

According to the book, the answer for the "Depreciation for other vehicles owned during the year" is £2,080, but I made it £2,980.

I can see why they get this answer ((28,400 - 18,000) x 20%), however aren't they forgetting that the depreciation would be calculated on the full £28,400 from 1/12/X2 until 1/3/X3 when one of the vehicles was sold? It says in the question that depreciation is calculated on a monthly basis.

So surely the depreciation should be 20% of £28,400 for 3 months, and then 20% of £10,400 for 9 months?


  • douglasstrouddouglasstroud Registered Posts: 183
    I agree with the book, the question asks for the depreciation on the vehicle sold on 1 March separately and then asks for the depreciation for OTHER vehicles which would not include this one
  • icbatbhicbatbh Registered Posts: 9
    Thanks for your reply. Oh yes I didn't notice the word 'other' even though I typed it out in my original post. I guess I need to spend more time reading and understanding the wording of the questions. Thanks again.
  • douglasstrouddouglasstroud Registered Posts: 183
    No problems at all, and it’s a nice change for someone to say thanks.
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