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Hello all,

I am thinking about giving level 2 accounting a go with online learning.

I tried level 2 back in 2014 with classroom learning, passed the first 3 exams then packed it in due to a lot going on in personal life and not learning anything with the teachers I had, both over 60 years old and just didn't get there teaching methods, one lady was over 70 and just so slow.

I now want to try again but with online learning, I feel It will suit me more I am just a bit unsure of what it is like. I have just spoke with an online provider and it sounds good, at lot of help available and can complete the course In my own time.

For those who have completed any level with online learning, how did you find it and do you recommend?


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    Who are you planning to go with? I've done online learning via another qualification and believe I got more out of it than traditional classes at a college. This was mainly due to knowing I had to be more committed with my time and I tended to research difficult areas a lot more. The difficulty I had was when I didn't quite get something, I couldn't ask the lecturer or a class mate. Hopefully the training provider offers some form of community/support and being on here is another good resource for asking questions.

    Good luck
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    Hi there,

    I have had a brief look at a few providers and like the look of Premier Training, currently 10% off at the moment too so leading towards them.

    I havent done online learning before, I do think learning at home will make me more committed and put the work in, as mentioned above I just didnt get it learning in college the teachers were no good.

    I will keep looking around and really think about if it is for me, I am thinking of at least completing level 2 and then depending how that goes then move onto level 3
  • SimplyLearnFinance
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    Is there anything on Trusted Reviews which can give you an independent insight into how Premier Training were for other students?

    Give L2 another go, you'll probably find it easier and your learning is quicker due to you previously doing some units.
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