AAT Mock Tests freezing.

DLStudent_Hannah1 LondonAAT Student Posts: 7

Does anyone else experience a lot of freezing with the AAT Mock exams online?.

I find that I start one and I might get to task 2 and then it freezes.

I can not go forward or backward, I'm stuck on one task screen.. If I close and go back in, this happens again...and again... maybe this time at task 3.

Then I close it and open it in a new internet page (e.g move from explorer and try in firefox instead.)

...Almost two hours later I have hardly got to task 4 and it freezes.

I have found this with MDCL, FSLC and now MABU and it really is so frustrating. Does anyone have any hints and tips for me?

I really wish that they had an online support for these mock tests where we could flag it when it freezes and have it resolved.

Does any particular internet explorer work for people? what am I doing wrong :/


  • Norvydas
    Norvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 269
    Hi, yes for the past maybe 2 weeks I've been experiencing same issues. I am using Google Chrome (AAT recommends to use Internet Explorer though). What I tend to do now is as soon as I complete 1 task I look through answers to check my answers, if it freezes then when i go back i skip the tasks I've already done.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • DLStudent_Hannah1
    DLStudent_Hannah1 LondonAAT Student Posts: 7
    Whilst it is bad news to hear you have the same struggle, im pleased I am not just going mad.

    I have every single electrical item in the home turned off wifi and am repeatedly restarting the window. - In my experience windows explorer is just as bad.

    I think ill have to keep going back and forth as I have been too.
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