Resit Exam and failed 3 times

I failed 3 times on synoptic exam and just received the exam result yesterday 60%, it was the worse one... anyone have tips on answering techquies? I don't know how to improve my marks next times.


  • Norvydas
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    Hi @jjk2018

    Sorry to hear about this, i have failed myself 1st time. I then re-sat straight away and met competent criteria. The only thing different that I've done in my second attempt was trying to relate to scenario in every task. Whatever the task was asking i was trying somehow to relate to scenario. I.e. when analysing budgets if for example the direct labour is adverse variance I would explain why it is adverse and then I would say as per companies scenario for example there was a period when they were short of staff so they had to outsource people to work due to this the cost of direct labour increased as hourly wages were higher than normal.

    I would do this for every question.

    Also read examiners report as in there they tell you what you can expect in each task they even give you what learning outcomes will be included in each task.

    Good luck with your next attempt, remember most of us were in the same boat as you, just remember not to give up and keep pushing forwards.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • jjk2018
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    I can see any relation between the pre released material and the actual exam...
    how did you answer the SWOT analysis? I got under requirement on this task.
  • Norvydas
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    @jjk2018 I got below required on swot analysis aswell. To be honest swot analysis and the task where asks you to analyse internal weaknesses and etc are my strongest strengths however i got below required in both attempts on these tasks... i have no idea how as in mock exams i used to get met or exceeded..
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • SammyNewell
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    I managed to pass 2nd attempt with 74% this time - I agree. I related back to the business in the pre-release, whether it was the staff members names and positions or the overall direction the company wanted to work towards. Always bring up the pre-release and pick out a sentence to use in each question.

    Don't give up - your time will come.

    I also got below requirement on the SWOT analysis - I answered it similarly to the mock where I got met so not sure how the marking system works...
  • lucylubyloo89
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    go to My AAT then study support then synoptic, at the very bottom they have a document called (SAMS) read the answers in there, it gives a great idea of what kind of things they want you to write

    I read as many model answers as possible and you begin to see a trend of how to structure your answer
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