Level 4 - Distance Learning help please??

I previously studied level 3 at college but this is no longer an option so I'm about to enrol in distance learning for level 4, I'm stuck between either ICS Learn or Premier Training. Has anyone experienced either of these providers or can recommend any good ones?

At college we were given a booklet for each unit which broke down the study texts into all key points you need to learn which was great. I attempted to self study level 4 with study textbooks but found it impossible due to the volume. Are the units broken down in distance learning??

Thank you so much in advance any help is appreciated. :)


  • Norvydas
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    Hi @sophwilliamson

    In regards of Premier Training, the books were Osbourne books. There is workbook and tutorial. I am not sure what do you mean by broking down units? Like key points of each unit? As if so then osbourne books don't have that.

    Premier training provides videos after each chapter, which I found helpful, they discuss key calculations and key points in videos. They also have "Premier Netflix" where they put webinars on to watch. Webinars are live so you can attend them after work (starts around 6pm or later) tutor will answer questions live aswell. You will have your time table made by your tutors therefore you will know what units to revise first and by when you need to complete them (time table can be amended any time to suit your needs).

    When i revised, i tried to read 1-2 chapters a day. It usually used to take me 1 week to finish whole book, then 1-2/3 weeks revising,mock exams, remembering calculations and etc. I was aiming to take 1 exam per month.

    Hope this helps.
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    Good afternoon,
    I am in France an am taking the AAT Level 3 withe premier training
    besides book and text book you will be assign a tutor this is very helpful

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