Studying with Kaplan - Rawhide Plc (Bonanza Pc) practice questions and answers DO NOT MATCH!

Is anyone else doing their PDSY exam this month using the Rawhide Plc pre release material?

Anyone studying with Kaplan? Their practice questions and answers are conflicting. Question 23 in the Familiarisation Pack (updated materials) has completely different percentages in the answer than it gives in the question! Question 24 asks for a SWOT analysis on the budget, whereas the answer is about 4 deficiences in the purchasing control!

My exam is next week and I am being passed back and forth between tutors and student services via kaplan, and I am getting so frustrated! They are telling me that the only difference is the company name, but ITS NOT! Im struggling to revise as I dont know if I an even answering correctly as I cant check.

Does anyone else have the CORRECT answers for the kaplan practice questions???


  • Norvydas
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    Can you please post a picture of Q 24 / 23 and its answers? I'll tell you if it's correct.
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    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • sehrish
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    if any one can tell me any book can help me with aat level 4 synoptic pre release material regarding Rawhide PLC as i am sitting my exam on 23rd May???
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