AAT Level 4 Synoptic

Hi all,

Does anyone know how often the pre release materials change for the synoptic exam?

I was due to sit it this week but due to a family bereavement I took the decision to rearrange my exam, and the next sitting isn't until Feb 2019.

Will this exam be based on the same pre-release materials for Rawhide Ltd? Or does the pre release material change for each sitting?

I want to keep on top of my revision but don't want to look too much into the pre release material if there is a chance it will change for the next exam, as my friend sat the exam in August but when she did her resit this week the materials had obviously changed to Rawhide Ltd.

Can anyone shed any light on this? I did email AAT last week but no one replied, and I contacted my tutor at Kaplan but they weren't sure :/


  • JK123
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    HI there,

    I think it changes every October.

    Good luck
  • jadexlou
    jadexlou Registered Posts: 5
    Ah brilliant, hopefully get a few attempts at it before it changes again then lol.

    Thank you!
  • Norvydas
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    Hi @jadexlou

    You can always check AAT's website (study support section) and see whether there are new pre released materials issued. As AAT will update it straight away if anything changes to the exam.

    Pre-release material are only there for your information, its for you to get familiar with the company, even if you aren't familiar with the company then before your exam starts you will have time allocated to read companies information and throughout the exam you will be able to go back and have a look at companies information.

    Try to focus on Budgets, SWOT and Ratios if you master them you won't have issues. Also look at Task 1 as this is one of the easiest tasks from the whole exam and is multiple choice questions so you don't want to lose any marks on that task. Make sure you are confident in writing extended reports, they must have structure and be based on your workings and calculations.

    I thought the pre-release material changes every time you sit the exam, however I can see the exam has been based on Rawhide 2 times now.

    I know the whole syllabus changes, I believe it changes every 3 years, as there was AQA2013, AQA2016 and then it should be AQA2019, I think the syllabus changes at the end of the year though (September/October). However even if the syllabus changes you will still have some time to complete your exams under old syllabus i.e. AQA2016.

    Good luck with your studies!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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