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Hi there i am self studying with osborne books.I'm on the UACS module , i have downloaded the sage 50 30 day free trial but its finished and i have 2 more chapters to go . I have tried other email addresses to get another 30 days but i have been blocked via my ip address {assuming } .This idea was suggested by Sage Business Support via email..Can anyone suggest how do i get around this .I have my exam booked and paid for in January , 2 more chapters to go , no access to practice or finish the chapters to sage and sage is suggesting a 12 month direct debit @ £60 a month ??????? ..I'm just really stuck and would like to hear suggestions if there are any .
Thanks in advance

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  • mgk2944
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    Hi hal978 thanks so much .I was using sage standard package free trial to do my practice questions at the end of each chapter as i went along.I did call Sage to find out the difference between the Essentials and Standard but they tried to make it seem as it was very basic and not worth having at all but i just need it for practice for the exam . i would say Sage 50 essentials is better than nothing .
    Thanks very much hal978
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