Should I buy books now or wait for 2019 changes?

Hi all,

I'm a recent graduate (unrelated subject) and I'm looking into taking AAT level 2.

I've been toying with self-study and I'm shopping around to buy the necessary textbooks. However, I know there were some major changes to the syllabus and exams in 2016, and I've heard rumblings of changes expected in 2019. If I buy the books now (2016-2018), will I be alright studying for the new tests in 2019? (If indeed there are any new tests, I'm not clear on what the changes are.) I doubt I'll be ready before the changes in March/May, so should I hold off for a few months?


Spruce ;)


  • Norvydas
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    Hi @Spruce_lee242

    I wouldn't wait until new syllabus comes out, purely because you will be allowed to sit the exams for some period following old syllabus guidelines. As for example when AQA2016 replaced AQA2013 I think the deadline for the AQA2013 exams were December 2017 (1 year + 3 months after it changed).

    I am not sure whether AQA2019 will be released this year, however if it will be then I believe this will be again around September/October time, therefore you will have to take your in AQA2016 syllabus until 2020 December (unless you voluntary want to move to AQA2019.

    If it all changes, then there's more than enough time to complete Level 2 + 3 by December 2020 it is possible to do Level 4 as well (I have completed L2,L3,L4 in 2 years as well).

    Good luck!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • Spruce_lee242
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    Thanks for the detailed reply, that's good news. I'll go ahead with my purchases then.

    Happy New Year! :3
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