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Full set of Level 2 Osborne Books for sale

10 x Books in total.

5 books have no writing in, 4 have literally only a couple of pages with writing.

There is only 1 that has got around 15 pages of writing in. (Bookkeeping Controls)

Excellent condition.

Bearing in mind there is very little writing all round these are pretty much as useful as buying them new but due to the very small amount of writing in them I am offering them at a bargain price of only £50 which is a massive saving if you dont mind the small bit of writing.

Give me a shout if you have any questions.



  • uncmonk27uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
    Will sell for £40 if any takers
  • Leanne204Leanne204 Registered Posts: 1
    What year do they cover? Do they cover all of the AAT level 2 modules?
  • uncmonk27uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
    HI Leanne - Yes it is the complete set that I used for the whole of Level 2 - I can send you a picture of them if you like
  • uncmonk27uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
    Bookkeeping Transactions Tutorial and Workbook
    Bookkeeping Controls Tutorial and Workbook
    Elements of Costing Tutorial and Workbook
    Using Accounting Software Tutorial and Workbook
    Work Effectively in Finance Tutorial - There is no workbook for this module
    Foundation Certificate Synoptic Workbook

    That's the whole range of Osborne books required to pass Level 2 which I did.

    I paid something like £110 including postage for these and would cost similar to get them new but as I have a very small bit of writing in them am offering them cheap.
  • uncmonk27uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
    Sorry just noticed you asked what year they are. They are AQ2016 which is the most up to date version
  • uncmonk27uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
  • uncmonk27uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
    Final price for these £30 if anybody wants to save £85
  • buesjonebuesjone Registered Posts: 1
    edited January 2019
    Are you willing to post them? & if so, how much would postage be?
  • uncmonk27uncmonk27 Registered Posts: 22
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