Sit synoptic assessment before a year of study on an apprenticeship

I'm not sure if anyone has come across this situation before but hopefully someone might be able to help.

The training provider I am currently doing AAT level 4 with have told me I can't do my synoptic assessment before september this year because I need to complete 12 months of learning from when I started the apprenticeship. Can anyone tell me what the implications will be if I go and do the synoptic with another training provider before this?

I'm making really good progress, expecting to have completed all the units and my two optionals within 5 months, I really don't want to wait until september when I feel like I will be really rusty on some of it. I'm happy to do my synoptic again in september if it is necessary for the end point assessment.


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    I have never heard that before. As long as you have completed your 3 mandatory units, you can take the synoptic exam as far as I know that's the only requirement. Also students who are in college without a job can study for AAT so don't see where they got this from.

    There are quite a few students who don't go via training provider and just self study by purchasing books, a potential option you could consider.
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    They are correct. it is in all the AAT accounting technician apprenticeship information.

    I'm just wondering if i can get around it.
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    ...and how it affects the apprenticeship if I do that.
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    This is by far the most annoying thing about being on an apprenticeship, I get my avsy results tomorrow but you have to do an end point assessment on top of this, only prolonging the year on level 3 further. No doubt it will be the same problem level 4.

    Apprenticeships are a way of paying an employee very small amount so it’s beneficial to the employer when the apprentice has to do each level over a year or more and it’s irritating as I’m sure you know due to it not needing any where near that amount of time to complete
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    But saying all this, I’m unsure on whether they would be able to do anything if you did sit it elsewhere, who is your current training provider?
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