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Results 11.01.2019

Donna84Donna84 Registered Posts: 8

has anyone received their PDSY results as yet today? I have been trying to access the results on the AAT website all morning, but it seems to be down!

Thank you


  • WutWut Registered Posts: 6
    No. Nervously waiting! Getting errors and the system crashing in me! 😐 I think it's just a high volume of traffic. I have read that the result may be on the statement as apposed to the results? Mine won't work for that either. 🙈
  • SineadpSineadp Registered Posts: 67
    No, I have been trying all morning no luck! hopefully they will show soon.
  • Donna84Donna84 Registered Posts: 8
    It's so nerve wracking! Nothing is showing on my statement either. I'm extra nervous as I was very unwell when I sat the exam too :'(
  • ammw90ammw90 Registered Posts: 24
  • lucylubyloo89lucylubyloo89 Registered Posts: 18
    does anybody know of anyone that has received their results??
  • tomstrong96tomstrong96 Registered Posts: 19
    Anyone doing advanced synoptic and haven’t received yet?
  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
    I too was able to finally get on to my Statement of Achievement but it's taken me all morning to do!

    84% pass and I didn't even finish the whole exam :) Pass Level 3 with a Distinction!

    Good Luck Guys!!
  • tomstrong96tomstrong96 Registered Posts: 19
    It’s not on my results or statement really frustrating haha
  • Donna84Donna84 Registered Posts: 8
    Well done DannyT90! =) How many sections did you miss out on, and still pass?

    I can get on now, but still not updated. Arghh.
  • apsmi1apsmi1 Registered Posts: 6
    Still no sign for me level 4. Anyone else level 4 had any joy yet?
  • Donna84Donna84 Registered Posts: 8
    @apsmi1 still nothing for me too x
  • apsmi1apsmi1 Registered Posts: 6
    This will make me check every 3 minutes all weekend if it's not up today!!! (and I'm thinking if they aren't showing today it'll be Monday earliest)
  • Donna84Donna84 Registered Posts: 8
    I've had an email from AAT stating there are issues with the results and to keep checking over the weekend, then the results email will be sent Monday.

  • apsmi1apsmi1 Registered Posts: 6
    Just checked my emails and I have the same thanks. Oh well checking every 3 minutes it is then (I hope I'm not at this all weekend!) Good luck!
  • WutWut Registered Posts: 6
    The results are in guys! I passed yipeee 😃
  • apsmi1apsmi1 Registered Posts: 6
    Mines there, passed too :)=):) Good luck all!!
  • DannyT90DannyT90 Surrey AAT Student, AATQB Posts: 159
    @Donna84 It was the last excel question, I just ran out of time. I immediately thought I had failed but thankfully I must of done enough elsewhere in the exam to have been able to pass
  • CarlaGrovesCarlaGroves Registered Posts: 9
    Good luck to everyone, I passed 2nd time thank god and I really struggled. Routing for everyone! 🙂
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