Osbourne books practice assessment 1


I am stuck on one question and would be grateful is someone could help me please. Thank you in advance

You have the following information:
Adverse material price variance £70.00
Standard cost per Kg of material £12.00
Actual cost of material £1,150
Favourable labour rate variance £40.00
Actual labour hours 125 hours
Actual cost of labour £2,460

Calculate the following:
The actual quantity of material used is ......kg
The standard labour rate per hour is £


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    Material price variance
    ? =1080/12=90kg

    Labour rate variance

    125x? =2460+40
    ? =2500/125=£20 per hour
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    thank you
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    Please can someone show me how to fixed overhead on Task 9b and c of Osborne Workbook Practice Assessment 1
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