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I hope someone can help with my understanding. If an apprentice studies AQ2016, then I believe that a portfolio of evidence is required as part of the EPA. Is this the case for those not on a apprenticeship? If so does the non-apprentice just complete the unit assessments and the synoptic?

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  • caitlinminshall
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    Hi, I'm pretty sure only apprentices have to completed the EPA:)
  • AAT_Team
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    Yes, that's correct. Only students studying via the apprenticeship route will need to complete the EPA. All other 'non-apprenticeship' students will need to complete all mandatory units within the level, NOT including the EPA :)
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    Do non apprenticeships need to complete the synoptic as I am being told this is part of EPA
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    If you are not doing an apprenticeship then yes you will have to complete each levels synoptic assessment.
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    @Norvydas is correct. If you are a non-apprentice then yes a synoptic is included within each level of the AAT Accounting Qualification and these are compulsory. Apprenticeship students also do need to complete a synoptic but this is included within the EPA.
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