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Kaplan Synoptic

Would anyone recommend buying the Kaplan books for AAT Level 4 Synoptic? I have sat the exam twice first time being 61% then 67% this time round?


  • VS1VS1 Registered Posts: 71
    Hey, I use Kaplan books and find them really useful. I have taken this exam first time and failed 66% but I still plan to stick with Kaplan, as I feel I was lacking as I struggle with essays. Overall the exam I sat, I feel the books covered the topics well, the only problem I could see was I didn't execute well. Best of luck to the both of us
  • SineadpSineadp Registered Posts: 67
    edited January 2019
    Hey, Do they show you much about the written part of the exam? As the essays is what I struggle with ?
  • VS1VS1 Registered Posts: 71
    The Kaplan exam kit is helpful, it shows you how to structure your answer, but if you expect it to be exactly like the exam format then no. The exam papers on AAT, i found are much more useful as they show you what the examiner are looking for. The questions that came up in my exam was nothing like the structure that I studied but the information it required, I could use the knowledge from Kaplan books/AAT past papers. But as I said above, just like you I struggle with essays, so maybe I should have written more points and not wasted too much time on recalculating the numeric part of the exam. Had I had enough time to complete my last question, which I missed a section off due to running out of time, I would have managed to get that 70% at least.

    In terms of your feedback for exams, which section did you do worse on? maybe you can focus on that.

    For now, I am going through the Kaplan text book and making notes. Also looking at the other 3 modules, E-learning section and noting down key points. I don't know why i presumed that the exam won't have maths element except for question 5, which was my stupidity so I am practicing this too.

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