Is it wise to pre-book my remaining exams?


Having completed my AAT level 2 at the end of November i'm due to sit me level 3 Advanced bookkeeping exam in just over a week.

What i've noticed is that the test centre i use, the exam dates go so quickly.... I've already had to pre-book my FAPR as all the dates were were fully booked up to the end of March

Would you say it's wise just to book the remaining exams now as the dates go so quickly

I'm a home studier and in a hurry to get fully AAT qualified as I have lots of experience had no qualifications (until i passed level 2)

I know this ups the pressure in passing the exams 1st time but i could delay my progress if i dont book-up now



  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 247
    @thelowendtheory18 Level 3 is not that difficult, so I would say go ahead and do it! As far as you give yourself appropriate amount of time to prepare for the exam then you'll be fine. I personally took around 3-4 weeks to be fully prepared for the exam, no matter if it was Level 3 or 4 exam. Even if you fail, you can continue with the bookings and re-take after you've taken all of the exams booked. There is no specific order you need to take the exams. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time to prepare that's the most important thing.

    Having such deadlines will help you to revise and motivate you, purely because you will know you need to be prepared before "xxx" date and you need to revise. Good luck with your studies!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • thelowendtheory18thelowendtheory18 Registered Posts: 38
    Thanks for the advice

    I think i'm going to do it!
  • TarynPitchforkTarynPitchfork Registered Posts: 21
    I home studied for level 3 and currently half way through level 4 with avado. I HAVE to prebook my exams to make sure i study otherwise i will just leave it months and months not studying. If youre in a hurry to do it then i would 100% book in advance so you know a time frame to when you might finish :)
  • thelowendtheory18thelowendtheory18 Registered Posts: 38
    Yep i just need to get it done ASAP

    Sounds like you're almost there!!!!!
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