Decision & Control Exam


I had my exam the other day and I found it really hard. I was really well prepared so I though yet some of the questions which I had were written in a way that I wasn't sure what I am actually answering. I have never felt like this with any other exam I have taken with AAT and I am wondering is it me or maybe someone else felt that this exam was though.

Thank you


  • AlaaAlaa Registered Posts: 12
    You are not the only one . I don’t know why the aat does that ? Do you mind asking what questions you had ?
  • jmhjmh Registered Posts: 29
    Good to hear that I am not the only one. I thought we are not allowed to discuss the questions? And in any case I don't exactly remember. What I did notice is that some of the question format wasn't in any way similar to anything in the books or aat website. I will have to resit it I am sure of it.
    I would be grateful for any tips how to revise for the second attempt.

    Thank you
  • Purple_painPurple_pain Registered Posts: 6
    I'm resitting for the 3rd time after a break from AAT and found out yesterday that they have cut this exam from 10 questions to 8 now!!! Hardly anyone on my course passed it, even when they gave everyone the 10% "enhancement" after the first sitting for the original exam!!
  • AlaaAlaa Registered Posts: 12
    I didn’t know that Aat gives you enhancement ! That is shocking with the results . What about the limited company exam ?
  • KingaLeggKingaLegg Registered Posts: 1
    i just had a result from my first attempt of MDCL and failed it .. book a resit and just have to pray i will pass! :(
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