could this mean a fail in exam?


so I have sat my UAS exam. Sage 50 I was using at exam must have been a much older version to the one I was practising on at home as the layout was COMPLETELY different. So it wasted some of my valuable time trying to figure out where everything was. I was really happy with how my exam was going until I got to the end when I ran the trial balance and it didn't balance. There was a suspense account for £2k. By then I didn't have any time left over to begin fault finding. (I now know I should have ran a trial balance in the very beginning after entering nominal code account balances in the exercise).

Has anyone passed the UAS exam with trial balance not matching? Could I be losing some points based on some transactions not entered correctly or could I be losing a big chunk of points because trial balance didn't match?

I guess there is nothing I can do about it now. The long wait begins..

Thank you


  • Ellis
    Ellis Registered Posts: 11
    I'm sorry I cant quite remember that far back whether mine was balancing or not, but I'd bet that there are a few marks for a balancing TB but the rest are for the individual transactions ... so lets say you made one transaction error by £2,000, that one would lose a couple of marks and so would the non-balancing TB ... but I'd say it shouldn't affect it. I'm by no means an assessor or know how it's marked in reality but I would try not to worry too much, that's how I'd guess it worked?
  • student17
    student17 Registered Posts: 17
    Well, just to give you an update. Got my exam result and I achieved 93% even though my trial balance didn't balance. So it wasn't the end of the world :)
  • Ellis
    Ellis Registered Posts: 11
    That's brill, congratulations! :-) Well Done! Good luck with your future exams
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