Going to level 4 from level 3

I am going to be starting AAT level 4 in June.
It has been 6 years since I studied level 3 (not through choice) and so I am quite nervous and worried I will find it really difficult.
I am going to be looking over my level 3 stuff in the next few months.
Are there any particular areas I really need to re visit to help me with level 4?
Or is it just everything!? :(

Has anybody gone back to it after a big gap? How did you find it?
I really want to do well but i'm feeling anxious about it already.

Thanks in advance for any advice/comments.


  • StudentLvl2
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    I'm only studying Level 2 so not much help. But, if it were me in your position, i'd maybe do some practice exams for Level 3 maybe the synoptic assesment? It's probably changed quite a bit but if you pass then you know you can move onto level 4. If you don't pass then maybe you can do some self studying through your old Level 3 stuff so that you pass a practice assesment then move onto Level 4.

    For me, that would give me the confidence boost I need, but like I said i'm only just studying level 2 so nowhere near as experienced.
  • Ellis
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    I'm not going to lie Level 4 is very tough from my perspective, and it felt like a massive jump for me even having just completed Level 3. If I can give any advice, go to First Intuition and consider their Self Study packs, here's a link:


    They're mostly £35 and if you get one delivered, it basically has all the syllabus in - work through that before June and see if you think it's right for you. That means there'll be at least not too much commitment. They're honestly brilliant packs and well worth the money, I've used it and the exams I felt I best performed in I used one of their packs.

    If you wanted to test whether you thought you could get through the whole thing, buy the one for Management Accounts: Decision & Control, as I've found that to be the toughest module. If you wanted one to ease you in and see if you could carry on, go for Credit Management - I've found that to be a nicer module (though be aware that that is an optional choice, so you'd only be able to pick one other if you decided to try that one).

    If you had any other queries on anything just let me know, happy to help!

    Ellis :)
  • Norvydas
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    Hi @Samantha_ehx

    6 years it is a really big gap, are you familiar with AQA2016 syllabus? Are you aware that you will need to take synoptic assessment after you've completed all of the units?

    Personally, I didn't found Level 4 difficult, yes it is harder than Level 3 but Level 4 is a lot more interesting as it goes more in depth with calculations and analysis, therefore when I was revising I was actually enjoying reading the books and learning various calculations.

    The advice I would give to you, is to go through Level 3 books, buy 1 set of Level 4 books and self-study through them and see how you find it. If revision goes well then attempt the exam. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask them on the forum. Start with Budgeting unit as it is one of the easiest units, then go to Decision & Control, then Financial Statements & lastly Synoptic assessment.

    Don't rush through stuff, read it thoroughly and make sure you understand what you're reading.

    Good luck with your studies!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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