NCI At Aquisition

snowy_autumnsnowy_autumn WiltshireRegistered Posts: 7
Trying to calculate the NCI at Acquisition, I haven't been given a % of issued share capital, all I know is how many shares were bought and the total value of the investment.

I have a SOFP but can't work out how to work it out!

I've looked at the answer sheet and I can't even work out how they got the answer of £3,980.

Any help appreciated :+1:


  • AlaaAlaa Registered Posts: 30
    Where is the question ? You can work out the percentage if it is not given. By dividing number of share acquired/ share capital .
    For the NIC ( share capital in SOFP + retained earning + share peruimum + revaluation slurps x the percentage of the NIC . Hope this helps .
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