How much of level 3 is covered again in level 4?

How much of level 3 is covered again in level 4?

I know people say level 4 is a step up but do you need to be really confident with level 3 before taking level 4?
Could you do level 4 without having done level 3?


  • Norvydas
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    I don't remember that anything would be covered in Level 4 that was in Level 3. Level 4 is a lot more in depth and the syllabus glossary is a lot more complicated. Level 4 expects you to know Level 3 syllabus already, therefore it will be going more in depth will all calculations, reports and etc, therefore if you are not familiar with Level 3 you might not understand some of the terminology or calculations.

    Is it impossible to complete Level 4 without Level 3? No it's not. Will it be hard? Depends by an individual and many factors i.e;

    -How much of time you are willing to spend revising
    -Weather you are a quick learner or not
    -Are you good at planning your timetable
    -Whether you will be self-studying or not.

    All these factors plays a big role whether you will be successful or not.

    My advice; if you have very good knowledge of Accountancy (i.e. if you work as one and are up to date with rules) and feel confident with your skills then yes try Level 4.

    However, if you are only a beginner i.e. never studied Accountancy, do not hold any relevant qualifications or if you don't work in such field, I would recommend starting at Level 3 or even Level 2.

    Level 4 is a step-up and without good knowledge in Accounting you will struggle.

    Good luck!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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