AAT Level 2 - Bookkeeping Transactions Practice Assessment 2

I am studying towards Lvl 2 of AAT. I am on the first unit and doing well so far in terms passing etc. Been getting 85-95%+ on all my studying providers tests etc and also passed the first practice assesment for Bookkeeping Transactions on the official AAT website.

I was just starting to do the scond one when I was stuck on the first question!! Just very basic adding up an invoice!

The question said there was 2,000 units (at £31.35 for 30)
You then had to calculate the VAT and total.

This didn't come up as a whole number so I rounded it (the net) up to 2090 as per the general 'rules'

but then I got to section (c) of the question where it asked how much the customer would pay if they used the prompt payment discount of 2% which calculated as £2457.84

I was tempted to round up again as it had no mention of putting it to 2 decimal points but then I have never really experienced this in all my studies so I decided to look up the answers..

In the answers they rounded up the invoice, in the first bit.

But in c) they DIDN'T round up the full payment after discount.. But the question didn't say ANYTHING about using up to 2 decimals points so I'm really really really confused.

Can someone please explain to me where I'm going wrong? As this has kind of knocked my confidence a lot since it's such a simple question.


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    NEVERMIND! Just realised where I went wrong.. Wow was having a dumb moment indeed!!
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